• Σύστημα ανύψωσης αερίουRaise and lower the speaker with ease!
  • “Leveling Leg“ τηλεσκοπικό πόδι
  • Επιπλέον ύψος
  • Πατενταρισμένο τρίποδο
  • Μεγάλες ανθεκτικές σωλήνες αλουμινίου
  • ανταλλακτικά για κάθε μέρος
  • Ύψος: 1575 – 2794 mm
  • Βάρος: 68.2 kg
  • Διάμετρος βάσης: 1575 mm
  • Διάμετρος σωλήνα: 38 mm
  • Διάμετρος συνδέσμου: 35 mm
  • Αντοχή: 68.2 kg
  • Διπλωμένο: 1461 x 140 mm

For nearly 40 years, Ultimate Support Systems has provided musicians with unique support

solutions that are crafted with unparalleled innovation and quality while being accompanied by superior customer service. We have always been determined to invent, design, and manufacture the smartest support solutions and music accessories in the music industry. As we have ventured into studio furniture and acoustic treatment solutions, this commitment to innovation has remained a core value in all of our efforts.

Art.-No. Description RRP
UL900.050 μαύρο 234.00 EUR

All prices incl. VAT

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